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"The Wild Hunt"
by Ron C. Nieto
Faeries play a game mortals cannot win... or can they?
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Lily Boyd never suspected the old rhymes and children’s games her grandmother taught her were anything but colorful tradition, and when her mother moved the family to Manchester and forbade her from returning to the Scottish Highlands, she nearly forgets the ancient tales. However, when she returns years later, the memories start to trickle back… along with the unexplainable. When Lily’s grandmother is kidnapped, strange creatures, dark and terrible, invade her home. Her only savior is Troy, a kelpie, a devourer of human flesh, and darker and more terrible than those who would have killed her. He has his own agenda, his own goals. Troy is her only lead, but can she trust him? Can she learn the rules of the fairy game before losing everything she cares about? DON’T GIVE A FAERIE YOUR NAME. DON’T THANK THEM. AND NEVER, EVER TRUST THEM…