"Amena's Rise to Stardom! (Divine Warriors #0)"

by Kristen S. Walker

The real story about the pop singer's dark past
A steampunk magical girl adventure
# Adventure
# Fantasy
# Steampunk
# Young Adult

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Fifteen-year-old Amena is a spy and thief for the rebellion, but she dreams of being a singer. Fame seems impossible when she lives in a hidden village in a remote part of the empire. But when she gets arrested on an easy recon mission, a magical doorway appears and offers her a way out. When the goddess of the rainforest offers Amena a chance at her dreams, she chooses to risk it all. Leaving behind the rebellion, her mother, and everything she’s ever known, she can finally start her singing career. But the goddess’s magic comes with hidden costs. Joining the big competition, Star Search, Amena tries to balance her music with training as a divine warrior. She must serve the whims of the goddess and avoid her criminal record. A rival singer takes her breath away—but she’s hiding her own secrets. Her new life is more dangerous than the spy game she left behind. Is the price of fame too high when death is on the line? Amena’s Rise to Stardom is a prequel novella in the Divine Warriors, a steampunk fantasy series for teens. It can be read as a standalone or at any point in the series. If you like magical girls, pop concerts, and fast-paced adventure, then you’ll love Kristen S. Walker’s series of guns and gears. Rated PG for mild violence and death. No sex or swearing. Contains LGBTQ+ characters and relationships.