"The Black House"

by Blodwedd Mallory

Where There Was Fire, There Is Now Shadow...Guilt Is Forgotten, but Ashes Remain
The Black House: An Unofficial Legend of The Secret World
# Horror
# Magic
# Occult
# Paranormal
# Young Adult

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How do you build a real haunted house? The answer lies hidden in the ruins. Can three friends uncover the terrible secret before someone else dies? On a dare from Danny Dufresne, a member of the League of Monster Slayers, Innsmouth Academy students Carter, Gypcie, and Wedd decide to investigate a haunting. Inside the mysterious, burned-out shell called the Black House, they must confront their fears, figure out why an unquiet spirit still haunts the wreckage, and escape the ghost's attempts to recreate the scene of her own demise. This novella is a prequel to the Unofficial Legends of The Secret World, an occult-paranormal adventure book series.