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"A Knight of the Blood"
by Kenneth W. Barber
From inventory clerk to savior of humanity. A story about not-werewolves, ancient blood wars, and modern day knights.
A dark and humorous urban fantasy.
Available in MOBI and ePub

This morning, Griffin was an inventory clerk. Now, a not-werewolf has eaten his dad and Griffin’s thrust into a secret modern-day knighthood waging a war for humanity. Abilities manifest, friendships form, betrayals cut deep, and at the heart of it all, Griffin’s own dark monster could turn the tide...for either side. When a psychotic Paul Bunyan wannabe reveals his desire for Griffin’s power, the war hits home, and a battle for control of the last Pure Blood could mean wiping out one monster for good—or raising a whole new breed of nightmares. A Knight of the Blood launches June 16th, but you can get an early preview of the first three chapters right now!