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"Bold (The Eventing Series: A Prequel)"

by Natalie Keller Reinert

It's Jules against the world.
The beginning of a thrilling equestrian saga
# Equestrian
# Women's Fiction
# Adventure
# Chick Lit
# Literary Fiction

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Jules knows she can make it on her own. Eager to put distance between her childhood as a working student and her future as a pro event rider, she's putting the finishing touches on her very own farm. All she needs now is a start with a little income. Before all the bills come due. Counting on her skill as a rider to land her a job with a top eventing barn and earn some much-needed cash, Jules pits everything on a single horse trials. But when she displays more grit and determination than skill and analysis, her hopes for a quick paycheck come crashing down. Is Jules simply not ready for the big time? Or is the big time not ready for Jules? Fans of the popular Eventing Series will love this new insight into Jules, and it offers a great introduction to this seven-book series and its spin-off series, including Briar Hill Farm, Show Barn Blues, and more!