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"The Last Noel"

by Darlene N. Bocek

A Fireman, a Pageant, and Ghosts of Christmas Past
A Christian Speculative novella
# Christian
# Inspirational
# Speculative
# Holiday
# Drama

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Not your grandma's Hallmark story... A Christian Speculative novella Fireman Reuben Morales is ready to begin the holiday season when a knock on the door brings the tragic news: his unbelieving sister has died. Is his faith enough to grieve the loss and celebrate Christmas at the same time? Little does he know, he is about to run into his sister again.  From readers: “I needed to read its message of hope during a rough patch... Isn't it just like the Lord to use fiction to teach us?” “I know Reuben's pain… I'm now learning, through Reuben, to ‘rest in the Lord.’” "What a powerful book!! You really get evangelism!! This book just blew my socks off!...In the record I keep of the books I've read, I gave this book 6 stars, a rating very few books receive."