"Risky Luck"

by AE McKenna

It’s all fun and games until someone gets cursed.
An Urban Fantasy Adventure
# Urban Fantasy
# Parenting
# Magic
# Fae
# Adventure

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The job is supposed to be simple: infiltrate the charity auction and win the lot containing the memory-stealing charm before it falls into unwary human hands. It’s a gamble, but she has a luck djinni on her side. Yet when Penny’s curse-born daughter lashes out, her good fortune begins slipping through her fingers. Now all bets are off. The charm is in the wild, the agency’s hag is on her trail, and Penny has three days to get rid of her curse, recover the charm, and keep her daughter’s existence a secret—or lose her forever. She has one final play up her sleeve and Penny never chokes. Will this life-or-death wager pay out, or has she finally gone bust?