"The Chronos Enigma"

by Cheryl S. Mackey

Alone in space with a snarky AI starship...what could go wrong?
Can Noe find the truths hidden in lies before its too late for Earth?
# Adventure
# Aliens
# Artificial Intelligence
# Sci-Fi
# Space Opera

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Noe has been kidnapped by her own starship and taken across the universes for a reason it won't divulge. Given only vague answers she can only go along with the Chronos until it reveals the truth when they collide...literally...with a spacecop hellbent on handing them over to his superiors. Jed hates his job but when his tiny jumpship is saved, somewhat dubiously, during a collision with a large, mysterious, alien ship, he knows he must do it. Instead of taking in a prisoner, he's captivated by the unusual alien woman and her enigmatic ship. When the Chronos reveals that Noe had been destined to run into him in order to save what was left of a decimated planet Earth, he realizes that he must be all in and at her side even if everything he's ever known has been tossed out the window. **Part One of a serial short story**