by Nick Steverson

Fresh from battle on the planet, Pergus, Dahkal and his alien friend Ryan, a Human from Earth, set off to seek fortune in the newly opened Salvage System.
A Salvage System short story
# Action
# Military
# Sci-Fi
# Space

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Dahkal is on the Journey of Succession, a rite of passage he must first take before he can be name emperor of his race, the Sheingal. He needs to prove his worth and test his mettle. Salvage System seems like just the place to do so! It sounded simple enough. Go through the Bith gate and come out in Salvage. Right? But what happens when the something is off with the gate code used? The outcome could be disastrous. There’s a reason the Bith provide a full registry to all the active gates. Dahkal and Ryan have no idea where they might emerge and prepare for the worst. Upon emergence, everything seems calm, and luck appears to be with them, until an odd ship appears. The circumstances go from calm, to confusing, and then to dire. Before long, they find themselves caught in the middle of a war between two planets in this new system. The Iztaka are on their way to subjugating the Lequay, but Dahkal and Ryan have the ability to turn the tide and prevent an entire race from becoming slaves. Dahkal is out to gain experience before becoming his system’s leader and knows an opportunity when he sees one. Besides, no planet should ever be subjugated to another. A bargain is struck, and they join the war for peace in the Herrupa System. Will they succeed, or will the Lequay suffer a fate worse than death?