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"Snow Maiden Ebook Sample"

by Amanda V Shane

From a cursed winter kingdom, comes a tale of magic, prophecy and romance.
A fairy tale romance – perfect for the holiday season and beyond!
# Fairy Tale
# Fantasy
# Romance
# Folklore
# Magic

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A commoner and the outcast of her village...Nika is forced to flee her home to keep the dark secret of her birth. When she is hunted by a rugged Northman, she finds herself lost in a land of spells and curses. His kisses start to melt her cold, lonely heart, her secrets are laid bare and she finds herself in a magic war for the man and the kingdom she loves. King of a cursed and ravaged kingdom...when Vasilli first lays eyes on Nika stealing bread at a fair, he knows he has to have the fair haired beauty. The legends surrounding his lands tell of a snow maiden who will break the curse of the Northern Kingdom but he wants Nika for his own. From a land of winter, ice and snow comes a tale of enchantment and romance. Mages and sorceresses, omens and curses - this spellbinding grownup fairy tale is a story of magic in an ancient land and a legendary love that will heat up even the coldest winter night. Inspired by the Russian fairy tale The Snow Maiden and legendary characters of The Nutcracker Ballet. 18+ This story includes sex, some violence and adult language. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.