"Three from the Reeve"

by Wyngraf Books

The Earliest Adventures of Old Humblefoot
Classic mysteries with a crotchety halfling sleuth
# Cozy
# Fantasy
# Mystery
# High Fantasy
# Amateur Sleuth

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Old Humblefoot lived quite an adventuresome life before his retirement. A broken sword, an orcish war banner, even a shirt of gleaming mithril—all these trophies and more hang in his dining room. So it's no wonder that when things go wrong in the quiet little halfling community of the Reeve, people knock on Old Humblefoot's door. THREE FROM THE REEVE contains Old Humblefoot's earliest adventures, as shared with (and recounted by) his great-nephew and assistant Wilford, a watchmaker and father of seven. Fans of cozy mystery and cozy fantasy will love these warm, funny tales in the tradition of Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle.