"Poisoned Lily"
by Nik Grybaski
Did Lily kill herself or was she murdered?
A sinister historical mystery crime thriller
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

In a room above a tavern, on the hedonistic streets of Praterstrasse Vienna, is the dead body of a kept woman. A mysterious lady sits alone in the bar. A man exits the premises through the back door, gripping onto a cane with an amber head. A youth, clutching a bottle, stumbles down the stairs and drinks the remnants of the poison his dead lover, Lily, took just minutes before. But was Lily murdered, or did her sinister secret force her to take her own life? It’s up to photographer Leo Katz and his new friend, pathologist Klaus Rosenbloom, to solve the mystery. But how can they discover who the killer is when vicious thugs steal vital evidence and threaten their lives?