"How Drust Krax Lost Two Fingers"
by Mark Stay
A warlord defeated, and a prophecy of doom...
A grimdark fantasy short story of humiliation, dodgy bowels and finger amputation
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

How Drust Krax Lost Two Fingers is a short story that precedes my fantasy novel The End of Magic. In it we meet our chief villain Haldor Frang, and it’s all told from the point of view of his latest conquest, a warlord named Drust Krax who is humiliated in defeat and really, really needs to use the privvy. This also includes three chapters from the opening of The End of Magic. Praise for The End of Magic: ‘Mark Stay paints his world and characters with deft, confi- dent and dark strokes.’ – RJ Barker, author of the Wounded Kingdom Trilogy ‘The sort of book you give to people who say “prove to me why I should read fantasy”... A simply terrific read.’ – James Barclay, author of the Legends of the Raven series ‘Takes the tropes of high fantasy and uses them to wield an original, compelling and intricately plotted story... exactly the kind of fantasy that we need more of.’ – Gavin G. Smith, author of the Veteran series ‘Stay does for George RR Martin what Pratchett did for Tolkien.’ Julian Barr, author of the Tooth & Blade trilogy