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"Feather Stars and Maple Blood"
by Jennifer Autumn
Don't. Stop. Running.
Chapter 1 of Feather Stars and Maple Blood, Book #1 of The Blossom Realms Series
Available in MOBI and ePub

Feather Stars and Maple Blood is Book #1 of The Blossom Realms Series. Join my email list to get the full book for free when it's released (only free to my subscribers) and get the first chapter instantly. Synopsis: Kota grew up in the desert, until she and her brother, Seven, were forced to run for their lives. They end up in The Blossom Realms, among the people who hate their kind the most. After years of hiding in the forest, Kota crosses a young man in the woods, and runs to escape him. But he chases her, and after cornering her on a cliff, the young man reveals that he's a prince of The Ancient Blossom Empire. After briefly gaining her trust, the prince kidnaps Kota and Seven, and forces them to the palace where he submits Kota as his chosen athlete to run on his behalf in a deadly race across all four realms. Kota has no other choice but to train, and race for the wicked prince who lied to her and stole her from the forest. The prince has her brother. She must win for the prince, to save Seven.