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"Midnight Caller"

by Ryan Hunt

Some calls should never be answered.
On the hunt for a killer, Agent Radford is running out of time.
# Urban Fantasy
# Paranormal
# Detective
# Vampires
# Mystery

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People are disappearing on the Yorkshire Moors. Armed with an enchanted compass, soulstone revolvers and pockets filled with secrets, Agents Radford and Stone are dispatched to investigate and apprehend. Their lead suspect - a local vampire. Whilst they can't outright prove his innocence, their gut tells them the vampire isn't guilty. But just as their investigation begins to make headway, another disappearance takes matters out of their hands. The ruthless guards of Floor Thirty take over the case, ready to drag the innocent vampire to the darkest depths of their monster prison. Agent Radford knows all too well - paperwork and people have a habit of going missing on Floor Thirty. Radford cuts a bargain with his rival investigators - 48 hours to catch the real killer, and save an innocent life from taking the blame. The first book in the Floor Fifty-Four franchise, MIDNIGHT CALLER blends horror, mystery, paranormal and urban fantasy into a distinctly British melting pot of fiction. THIS IS AN EIGHT CHAPTER PREVIEW