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by Christopher Keast

A story of love, too much data, and the end of the world
A speculative page-turner about buildings mysteriously disappearing with tongue-in-cheek comedy and underlying irony

Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

The Colosseum disappears overnight. No trace, no remnants. Then the Statue of Liberty vaporizes out of thin air, swallowing all those in the crossfire. People say they saw a dark cloud descend over Lady Liberty from afar, then take off like a hurricane in a disappearing act. While investigating the disappearances, Kicis, a rebellious historian, crosses paths with Anna, former attorney-turned photographer. Pulled to New York, then to Europe, the pair fall for one another—and discover there are supernatural forces behind the missing monuments. The elusive Developer X concedes that her pet AI program has gone astray and morphed into something autonomous, ever-growing, virtually omnipotent, and starved for data. But she never imagined this. Kicis assembles a gang of renegades to take on the rogue AI before it purges everything. While Anna fends off her jealous ex-boyfriend, a world-renowned photographer, they uncover the true culprit fueling the deletions—and enlist the help of Gio Rube, Developer X’s prodigy at HarpLens labs. He must confront the AI in his nightmares and digital devices...but how do you fight data? Especially data that wants to destroy the real-world counterparts of what takes up too much space in the cloud. With Kicis and Anna’s help, Gio must inject a digital virus to stop the rogue AI—now targeting living things too. If the virus fails, the AI will continue to delete everything in its path. A novel on the throes of artificial intelligence creeping a little too much into our lives along with the continuous feeding of our picture-taking appetites. Datapocalypse is a poetic attempt to bring together science fiction, international intrigue, comedy, romance and dystopia in articulation of a fierce exaggeration of our destiny.