"Throne Born"

by Max Moyer

Treachery, legacy, greed and ambition. A Kingdom hanging in the balance.
An epic fantasy thriller at the twilight of the age of kings
# Fantasy
# Epic
# Adventure
# Thriller
# Medieval

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It is the age of kings in Yiduiijn. In the grand city of K’andoria, King Trimidian rules with a fair hand. Descended from a long line of historic and formidable kings, he holds the throne securely. The great evil sleeps; the Midlands are in a state of tranquility, yet beneath the surface, trouble roils. Fissures have appeared across the kingdom. The savage Crow rebels terrorize villages across Rislaan; the haughty Far-Seer Priesthood of Epis Kopol has ignited a trade war; and then there is Uth Becca, the White City, once glorious, now plagued by decay and unrest. Governor Ryvek Flailgore rules the White City together with the King’s own nephew. But the Governor’s ambitions know no bounds; he eyes the crown. King Trimidian must show strength and mercy, wisdom and resolve, ever aware that history watches his every move. “Throne Born” brings the ancient era of Kings to vivid life. Maneuvering, political intrigue, intense battles, and the unyielding quest for power unfold in this epic tale with nothing less than the kingdom itself hanging in the balance. As the struggle for the Crown unfolds, King Trimidian navigates treacherous waters to secure his legacy and leave his mark upon the pages of history. The path he chooses will forever mark him as savior or villain. Follow the prequel that predates Zodak – The Last Shielder by two hundred years.