"Champion of the Isles"

by Robecca Austin

The perfect champion for a defiant lass
A steamy Brief
# Erotic Romance
# Historical Fiction
# Multicultural
# Romance
# Steamy

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Do you love steamy romance? Love adventurous heroines? Then you’ll love this sizzling Scottish romance! Do as ye please, Cathia. She hadn’t imagined his words. Slowly, her fingers curled against unclothed flesh. Fine hairs dusted his legs, the rough strands brushing the palm of her hand. He felt even better than she’d imagined, unrestrained cords of muscle flexing at her touch making her feel powerful. Confident. Ever so slowly, her hand moved upwards, pushing his kilt along his thigh as she went. Her eyes flashed to his for signs of anger or worse, disgust at her boldness, and found his hot gaze observing her. The muscles along his arms pushed against the armlets each time his fist clenched and unclenched. His breathing slowed, as if he too were locked in a trance of awareness.