"144 Creative Discussions for Parents & Preteens - Questions to Strengthen the Relationships Between Mom, Dad, Son & Daughter - The Giant Forest - Let's Discuss"

by Bill & Mia Belew

Better Relationships Between Parents/Grandparents and Kids
Questions every kid wants to ask their parents and every parent wants to ask their kids
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# Middle Grade
# Parenting
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Conversation is inherent to become a good parent. Welcome to the Growing Up Aimi world. Every parent and grandparent wants to and should have deeper and more meaningful discussions with their preteens, middle graders and young teenagers. How can this happen? Where do we start? 144 Discussions That Every Parent Should Have with Their Middle Graders and Teenagers is a companion book to the highly popular (+6000 downloads!) novel for advanced middle grade and young adult readers - The Giant Forest. This companion book is meant to facilitate unforced conversations between parents and their children - preteen and teenagers. 144 Questions works best when accompanied with the Middle Grade adventure novel - The Giant Forest. But, it can also work as a stand alone volume of its own. When a parent/grandparent and a young person in their lives read together - not necessarily sitting next to one another - but on the same schedule, the story of The Giant Forest becomes a common interest between the parent, grandparent and child/ren. While talking about the book, the plot, the twists and turns, the discussion questions fit very naturally into the conversation - perhaps at meal time or while driving too and from school or some extra curricular event. What parent doesn't want to know if their child/ren are feeling unloved, teased by their friends or have themselves become a bully? This book is a list of questions parents would love to ask and get answers from with their child/ren. Reader BEWARE - your children will want to know your answers, too. What better way to get your children to talk and listen than to show them by openly sharing and pausing long enough to really listen to them. Enjoy a better relationship with your children after spending time in this book and its companion volume - The Giant Forest - also available wherever you buy books online.