"The Untouchable Sky"

by Will Forrest

He's anything but ordinary...
A historical tale of paranormal adventure
# Adventure
# Paranormal
# Victorian
# Romance

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All Jaime wants is to be ordinary. Unfortunately he’s the heir to a magic legacy with the power to reshape the world. Or so says the most extraordinary man he’s ever met. A member of the Royal Society of Magisters, Lord Adrian Lear is charming, persistent, and thoroughly convinced that Jaime is a water-worker, able to bend the element to his will, to use as a tool or weapon. A fact too strange for Jaime to believe, yet when their lives are put in danger by Lear’s age-old enemy, Jaime’s untested power may be the only hope they have to survive. ~~~~~~~~~~ The Untouchable Sky is the first book in a new Paranormal/Historical universe and the introduction to The Jaime Skye Chronicles.