"Cold Cuts and Christmas Cocktails"
by G B Ralph
Cold Cuts and Christmas Cocktails
A gay romcom bonus festive story
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Christmas is here, and it’s time to meet the parents… Will the welcome be as frosty as the weather, or will Gabriel’s new in-laws greet him with open arms? He’s barely had the chance to consider his odds as he’s too focused on braving his boyfriend’s driving. Arthur’s behind the wheel, and he’s rather distracted. He can’t decide whether he’s more nervous about his boyfriend meeting his parents, or his parents meeting his boyfriend. With so much riding on this dinner, and so many ways it could end in disaster… Will Arthur and Gabriel survive Christmas in suburbia? This short story is the final instalment in the Rise and Shine series, set at Christmas after the events of Over and Out. Find out if the boys will have a wonderful evening surrounded by family, or a trying time behind enemy lines – it really could go either way. A Rise and Shine Story Word count: 9,000 words Reading time: 30–40 minutes