"Dark Origin"

by Hope Ironsmith

Life isn't always as it seems.
An Urban Fantasy where the magic of angel possession starts.
# Fantasy
# Urban Fantasy
# Paranormal

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Riley, an ordinary college student navigating city life, has his reality shattered when he stumbles into an obscured underworld. His uncles, not just the steadfast guardians they appeared, carry a lineage steeped in arcane mysteries. His mother, locked away in an asylum since his early years, is linked to a chilling incident that has been buried in silence. As these clandestine truths unravel, Riley finds himself at the heart of a supernatural storm. The dormant past stirs, bringing threats not just from the ethereal but the physical. His father's kin emerge from their shadowy existence, a notorious biker gang with illicit activities etched into their legacy. They desire to ensnare Riley into the chains of their family business, forcing him to reconcile with a heritage he never wished to know. Caught in the whirlwind of his uncles' enigmatic world and the harsh realities of his father's crime-ridden lineage, Riley must choose. Will he align with his uncles to defy his destined place in the criminal underworld or surrender to the relentless pull of his father's biker family? In the gritty backdrop of urban life, a secret fantasy unfolds. Will Riley resist the call of his dark ancestry or get lost in the web of family crime?