"Out From Atlantis"

by T.M. Holladay

An orphan thief out to prove herself in the cutthroat underwater city of outcasts.
A completely new take on the mermaid genre. No fins. No tails. But a whole lot of moxie.
# Mermaids
# Young Adult
# Paranormal
# Fantasy
# Action

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In Atlantis—the derelict city of scoundrels—Verdi does what she must to survive. When she's not vying for survival or mentoring her younger charges in the finer ways of thievery, Verdi trains with her ragtag team of Triaden players. Because besides stealing, her only other chance to make it in this city is to risk her life in the arena. With the Triaden championship just days away, Verdi won't let anything jeopardize her ticket to a better life—not even the two men that have been following her. The question isn't whether she might be in danger—that's a given growing up in Atlantis. But could her future hold more than just meager survival?