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by Ivy Wild
All that glitters is not gold
A second chance romance
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

My name is Sophie Strong and I sold my soul to a record company⠀ For fame⠀ For fans⠀ For fortune⠀ For a life I thought I wanted.⠀ I sold out in the worst possible way⠀ Leaving everything I loved behind.⠀ Turning myself into someone I wasn’t⠀ Just to watch the world turn itself on me.⠀ Now the whole world hates me and I can’t escape them.⠀ I can’t escape this. ⠀ And no matter how fast I run ⠀ Connor Driscoll always seems to find me.⠀ He’s the man I left behind and the one I don’t deserve.⠀ He says he loves me but he shouldn’t.⠀ Because once you become famous, ⠀ all that’s left to do is become⠀ INFAMOUS