"Night of the Full Moon"
by Tricia Schneider
How can a typical night after work go so wrong... or so right?
A Supernatural Romance
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Clara Boyer’s strict no-dating-policemen policy gets tested one full moon night when a dog darts across the road and she crashes her car. As she’s counting her lucky stars she’s not injured, a menacing growl echoes from the dark forest. Stuck on a lonely road, she needs help and there’s only one man she can call. Officer Ethan Rakowski races to her rescue, but Clara discovers Ethan has been keeping dark, supernatural secrets. The animal she nearly hit isn’t a stray dog, but something more sinister. If it’s not destroyed, Clara may be its next victim. How can a typical night after work go so wrong… or so right with the sexy cop who promises to keep her safe? *A Stand-Alone Steamy Short Story Romance