"Blood Price"

by Ben Blackwell

I was a gladiator in an illegal, underground arena...
...until a rival gang attacked and turned my world inside-out.
# Urban Fantasy
# Action
# Magic
# Contemporary
# Fantasy

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When I was 17, Wright claimed me. He owned me now. I was just another fighter in his roster, his to send into the ring whenever he deemed it profitable. Countless times I had killed for him, but every time could be my last. Then one fight became my last, but in a way I couldn’t have anticipated… *** Follow Vivienne ‘the Viper’ into the ring, into the legendary Arena of Skulls, where the rich and influential players in Darkhaven’s underground bet on your life - or against it. But soon, she is ripped from the world she knows. After years of fighting on her own, does she finally find a team worth joining? A cause worth fighting for? Can she save her friend, or will she lose her life in the process?