by Ben Farthing
Could you handle the consequences of unlimited power?
A Short Story of the Periphery
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

2nd Place in the 2018 Baen Fantasy Adventure Award (then titled "Deny the World With a Thought") In the years since the events in BOOM, Everard has become the Periphery's untrusted protector. His clumsy mastery of his bent saves the day, but the fallout distorts and damages reality. He's tired of hurting more than he helps. So he devotes himself to protecting a boy with a bent that will help millions. But then the criminal underlord Undone Duncan kidnaps the child. Everard's unleashes the full power of his Rebellist bent to bring him back, and shut down Undone Duncan for good. To claim your free copy, click the button above. Then make sure to click the checkbox to signup for my newsletter. I'll send you occasional updates on the next adventures in the Periphery, and other related novels I'm working on.