"Sentinals Stirring"

by Helen Garraway

Time is passing, and the goddess is getting impatient
When you hold the fate of the world in your hands, but you don't know it yet, don't be surprised when the goddess intervenes.

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Three thousand years ago the goddess Leyandrii banished all magic from the world of Remargaren to protect her people from the wild magic of the Ascendants. But, unnoticed, the world is changing. Her veil of protection is weakening and magic is seeping back in. Leyandrii is watching, she is determined her sacrifice will not have been in vain, and she has found just the person to help her. The world is much larger than the Watch Jerrol grew up in, and he has choices and opportunities he never dreamed of. His simple life is about to be overturned because Lady Leyandrii needs him and she is about to place his feet on her path, even if he is late. The Sentinals are stirring, but it will take Jerrol to wake them. Only he doesn't know that yet.