"Common Sense"

by Baltazar Bolado

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These are the times that try men's souls...
# Action
# Thriller
# Artificial Intelligence
# Speculative
# Adventure

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When history is rewritten, will the call of freedom be heard? Robert Paine is an AFSS provincial officer within the Agency for State Security. He’s been assigned to a region in the South I465 Wholesale District for the past three years. He believes a big field seizure will push him over the top toward a governmental upgrade and full party membership. But when he’s confronted with an identified conspirator who knows his identity and things about his distant family history, he makes a decision that will place him on a collision course against the government. Compelled to question his entire career, Paine is ultimately forced to investigate his very existence. Thrust into a new world and a bizarre reality, Paine must challenge everything he’s ever known, including a family secret buried in the past that could destroy his career, his family, and threaten his life. In the end, only by risking everything can he learn the truth of his beginning.