"Three Turns To Home"

by Meg Gossett

A wholesome romance set in the heart of Kentucky’s horse country.
Follow the residents of Bethel Valley as they discover love, loss, and faith in this new uplifting and inspiring series.

Available in MOBI and ePub

One fateful day on the road took everything from Alice Montgomery: her beautiful face, her father’s keen mind, and her precious horse, Rosie. Everyone said she was lucky to be alive, but they lied. Eight months later, the pain and sadness are still fresh. She’s barely hanging on, barely surviving. How can she live when all she loved is dead or gone? Then, one day, opportunity taps on her window in the form of Bethel Valley’s handsome large animal vet, Matthew Weller. He’s rescued a herd of abused horses and asks Alice if they can recover at her empty farm. Alice swears she wants nothing to do with the horses—or Matthew—but as she starts to bond with a special palomino mare, she feels herself come back to life. On a day similar to the one of Alice’s wreck, she must find the faith to let go of the pain and anger, and embrace love and hope, before it’s too late.