"The Price of Betrayal"

by Lissa Bolts

Is the future set in stone or can fate be changed?
Short Story Prequel to The Ruling Magic Series
# Urban Fantasy
# Fantasy
# Magic
# Magical Realism

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I’ve seen it. The devastating future ahead. It leaves me with one desperate question. Can fate be changed? I’m Isadora Luciano, ruler of the modern mage world, and my daughter is arguably the most powerful mage in existence. But that’s not all she is… Visions of the future show there’s evil brewing inside her. It’s already begun. And I have to be the one to stop her. I’m convinced I can save the world, but at what cost? The price of protecting the future might just include everything I hold dear. And there are some things I’m simply not willing to pay. ** This is a short story prequel for the completed Ruling Magic Series. Set in a modern world ruled by mages and filled with betrayal, intrigue, danger, and a little bit of romance, this compelling urban fantasy will grip you from the get-go.**