"Marduke Burning"

by Daniel Camomile

The floating city of Marduke hovers on the brink of a fiery cataclysm—and the town doctor must tip it over the edge
A Suspenseful Christian Dystopia Short-Story
# Christian
# Action
# Dystopian
# Medical
# Clean

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The gargantuan engines of Marduke are the only thing standing between the floating city and the blazing inferno a thousand feet below. When town doctor Caleb is called in to see a man sick with "the Burning", something happens that changes everything. In order to save their little floating world, Caleb has to destroy the life-sustaining engines and plunge the city into the flames—and the entire city of Marduke will stop at nothing to thwart him. ******************** "I loved "Marduke Burning." The metaphor of sin and salvation is beautiful. The description and suspense is riveting." – Britney Farr, author of the "Search" series.