"Dessert Is Served in Three Minutes!"

by Anton Eine

An ultimate cooking challenge that can cost you a life
A deadly delicious sci-fi story
# Alien Invasion
# Aliens
# Sci-Fi
# Post-Apocalypse
# Dystopian

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Chef Lukas Larsgaard is feeling very nervous today. Seventy-eight guests and a twelve-course tasting menu await him today — a serious professional challenge for him personally and his entire restaurant team. Every dish has been carefully thought out and honed down to the finest detail, every wine has been selected with exceptional care to create an unforgettable range of gourmet sensations. The dinner as a whole should be a masterpiece and mark the pinnacle of Chef Lucas's career. He has even prepared a special surprise for his guests at the end of the meal. Everything has to go perfectly. Unless the hot-tempered Larsgaard kills his careless assistants during service. Or they kill him.