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"Before Amethyst Colored The World"

by Tracy Bayle

A simpler time, or so it seemed. But everyone knows things are never what they seem.
Prequel to A Convenient Catastrphe
# Clean
# Drama
# Romance
# Suspense
# Women's Fiction

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In the little town of Flannery Cove, what happened to Caroline and the Chadwick family was unthinkable, horrific, and downright unexplainable. And yet for decades, it was their story, a fact of their life. Until the possibility arose that maybe it wasn’t. But what about before all that? What set in motion what the Chadwicks would eventually endure the night Caroline disappeared into the fog, taking all her secrets with her? Before Amethyst Colored the World is the story of before her daughter Amy, before the tragic accident, before life went off the rails. It takes us back to when this story was just getting started. A simpler time, or so it seems. But everyone knows things are never what they seem.