by Aver Rigsly

A Sexy Journey into Witchcraft...
A M/M, erotic romance short story. Adult content.
# Erotic Romance
# Fantasy
# Romance
# Witches

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“Your heart may speak true,” the man said, “but that still changes nothing.” “My heart?” “Yes. I can hear it from all the way over here,” he explained. “If I were to lay my hand upon you again, I would be able to hear it as if it was whispering directly in my ear.” Sven, a handsome young man living with his cousin in a quaint village deep in the woods, is in desperate need of help—of something that folks say only the secretive woman living at the top of the mountain’s path can provide for him. The only problem is, the woman isn't just a hermit on the edge of town, but supposedly a witch—one who practices deals with the Devil and can perform miraculous feats because of it, but she’s Sven’s only hope. His idea doesn't go according to plan however when he walks straight into a trap, his throat at blade's edge. There is no witch, but instead a young man, Darius, who moves like a shadow and threatens Sven at knife-point to leave. The pair of them reach a dark compromise; Darius will help, but only if Sven dares to assist him with his mysterious, supernatural ritual in the dead of night. The tasks won't be easy, or painless, but that won't stop Sven from saving his cousin's life. He'll do whatever it takes. However, the more he gets to know Darius, the more he finds out about the curious, fascinating ability Darius has and the hardship he faces with his ritual. Darius' secrets begin to unravel and the more they do, the more Sven can't bring himself to leave…