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"Spring: Finch's Crossing Book 2"
by Amy Ruth Allen
Small Town, Feel-Good Women's Fiction
Each heartwarming Finch's Crossing novel evokes the special joys of the seasons as the Hamilton sisters search for love, personal fulfillment, and a renewed connection to the cozy town they call home.
Available in MOBI and ePub

** This is the second book in the small-town Finch's Crossing series. Grab the first book, "Autumn," for .99 on Amazon. ** The season of renewal brings second chances and secrets to the small town of Finch’s Crossing. Spring Hamilton is a born planner with one foot in the exciting new future she’s creating for herself. Gabe Vignarolli lives in the moment. Oh, and he broke her heart two decades earlier. If Spring gives him a second chance, it will also be his last. On the way to a new life in New York City, Spring detours to Finch’s Crossing for a quick visit with her sister Autumn. But a chance encounter with Gabe changes everything. As Spring and Gabe rekindle their love, one week turns into two and then three. Spring postpones her move to New York to be with Gabe and help with Autumn’s unexpected wedding. The coziness of small-town life begins to take root in Spring’s heart. But when she is unwittingly launched into reckless circumstances she never could have predicted, she packs her bags to get as far away from Gabe as possible. To further complicate matters, a faceless bully is wreaking havoc on the town with a flurry of poison pen letters, threatening to reveal the residents’ darkest secrets. Is it too coincidental that the letters began as soon as Spring arrived? And Gabe, hiding a stunning secret of his own, hopes no one, especially the cruel letter writer, discovers it. If you’re inspired by second-chance love stories, then you will love this second book in the Finch’s Crossing small-town fiction series. Scroll up and hit the buy button to join Spring and the lovable characters of Finch’s Crossing in this heartwarming novel.