"Exposed: A Book Bite"

by H. D. Gordon

The world knows...
Supernatural creatures are real, and now everyone knows it...

Available in MOBI and ePub

THE WORLD KNOWS… Supernatural creatures are real, and the crap is seriously hitting the fan. People are freaking out, and tensions between humans and supes are rising. All werewolf Harper Beauregard wants is to fly under the radar… But that soon proves to be harder than expected. Being outed as a supe puts a target on her back, and makes life at the office a little awkward, to say the least. Karen keeps giving her funny looks from her cubicle. The boss is downright rude. If these fools aren’t careful, Harper is bound to bite, and that kind of behavior certainly won’t look great on her annual review. Add to this the fact that the wolf she’s mated to is getting harder and harder to resist, and she’s in for one hell of a day.