"Kickin' Dragon Tale"

by Hugh Wesley

A Dummy Malloy Fantasy Short
You just never know what lurks below the surface.
# Fantasy
# Dragons
# Western
# Young Adult
# Adventure

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Scorched rooftops ... strange disappearances ... mysterious roars in the night ... and petrified citizens. Something is terrorizing the small town of Chevron, KS, and the town marshal and blowhard local gold magnate swear up and down it's a DRAGON! When all their efforts at sending the creature back to its subterranean lair fail, though, the leaders of Chevron turn to the only man who can help them ... the legendary Dummy Malloy. Can Dummy wield her ... uh, his ... magic, and drive the creature from Chevron? Or are the local citizens, and Dummy himself, to end up as nothing by hunks of dragon stew?