"Divinity's Twilight Side Story: Dust Disturbed (Feyan)"

by Christopher Russell

Something more ancient than dusty tomes or parchment stalks the hallowed halls of the World's End Monastery . . .
A short story written in the same universe as the epic fantasy novel "Divinity's Twilight: Rebirth"
# Mythology
# High Fantasy
# Suspense
# Mystery
# Sweet

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Feyan is not cut out to be a monk in the Church of Light. He's constantly being scolded for his impish tongue, punished for shirking duties, or reprimanded for his humiliating pranks. But that sits well with him. Birthright stolen from him by another, Feyan sees no point in accepting the drudgery of this forced exile when he can delight in tormenting his nominal jailers. His existence has one solitary bright spot: Meri, the nun-in-training who's been his staunch companion since her arrival six months prior. Wise, diligent, and devout, she's everything Feyan isn't. Yet while their personalities often clash, Feyan would do anything for the girl—including curtail his antics. Reformation is long in coming for Feyan. When a book-laden tumble lands him in hot water with Meri, he agrees to assist her in the monastery library as penance. But a perfect storm is about to be unleashed. Between Feyan's disdain for authority, Meri's defense of her faith, and a seemingly incomprehensible sorting system, a secret that's lain hidden since their Order's founding will be uncovered. A secret that might have ramifications far beyond the walls of their simple monastery . . .