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"Bone Guard: Private Ops"

by E. C. Ambrose

3 Short Thrillers
Special Forces meets Indiana Jones in these brief adventures!
# Adventure
# Military
# Thriller

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Special Forces Intelligence Operative Grant Casey races time and Afghan insurgents in three missions guaranteed to get your heart racing--and introduce you to the heroes of the Bone Guard adventure novels! The Chief's Boss: When his commander plans a mission that risks the life of a captive scientist, Grant volunteers to rescue her--or die trying! The Secret Word: An air strike planned to destroy a nest of Taliban bomb makers will also destroy a lost library, unless Grant can follow the clues to get the books to safety. The Buddha's Hand: Embedded with the enemy at the site of the ruined Bamiyaan Buddhas, Grant discovers a covert monk, and a secret that might kill them both! Sign on with Tomb Reader and join the adventure! Bonus story in your first issue. Then continue the chase to the Bone Guard novels: lost tombs, missing treasures, veteran heroes racing for survival!