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"The Watcher's Disciple"

by M N Jolley

Book 2 of the Sacrosanct Records
The war is not over. It never was.

Available in MOBI and ePub

The war is not over. It never was. The dust has settled, and David is only looking to restore what was taken from him. Laser focused on restoring his magic, though, he is blindsided by the civil unrest that meets him instead. If it’s not the bandits destroying lives and families, it’s the locals taking matters into their own hands. The new sheriff in town has no intention of enforcing the law or protecting the people, and the unrest of the citizens is a powder keg ready to burn down the whole town. With David’s powers taken from him, he has only his fists, his wits, and an inexperienced teenage sorceress at his side. There’s a massacre brewing, and if he can’t decide who to trust, there will be no chance of survival.