"Deadman's Hollow"

by Tracy Broemmer

What's the harm in picking up a hitchhiker on a stormy, Halloween night?
A slice of life Halloween short story.
# Contemporary
# Holiday
# Romance
# Slice of Life

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When Frankie Chase gets spooked by the appearance of someone she once dated, she hightails it out of her friend’s party and runs right into a situation that might just be worse. She forgot her phone, it’s storming, and she’s driving through Deadman’s Hollow—the scariest place to drive alone at any given time, let alone on the night of Halloween. When a dark, mysterious stranger climbs into her car and tells her to drive, Frankie thinks she’s never been more afraid. That is, until she finds out this guy isn’t a stranger…She’s heard his name before. Now she’s certain she’s in danger; her car’s stuck in the mud, and she has to seek shelter from the storm in an abandoned cabin with none other than ex-con, Hendrix Burke.