"Eaparius and the Forgotten Scrolls"
by Morigan Shaw
A flirtatious, scoundrel of a wizard chosen to help guard the world?
What could go wrong?
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

A flirtatious, scoundrel of a wizard. An ancient prophecy. Dark visions hinting at things to come. And a calling to protect the world. Twenty-three-year-old Eaparius believes he is the most gifted Wizard of his age — even if he does like using his skills to charm the ladies or win games of chance. Chosen to attend a legendary school to advance as an Elementalist, he strives to overcome his reputation and prove his skills. But when he's stuck by a mysterious ailment which leaves him with debilitating and terrifying visions, Eaparius questions his sanity and even his life. How can he stand at the top of his class when he's constantly worried about falling down dead? Leaving behind all he's ever wanted to join the line of Watchers -- the keeper of secret histories and one of the protectors against evils long forgotten -- can Eaparius unravel the mystery of the dark visions and help shape the destiny of the world before it falls into darkness? ** The Idoramin Novellas are stand-alone novellas which are part of the larger Idoramin Chronicles series. **