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"Forever You and Me"

by Dana LeCheminant

The love story that started them all.
They're meant to be together for the rest of their lives, but a secret could ruin everything.
# Clean
# Contemporary
# Romance
# Small Town
# Sweet

Available in EPUB and MOBI formats. Read on your Kindle, phone, tablet, computer and more

Marianne Macintosh wants nothing more than to leave her sleepy little town and start her life for real. Trapped by her need to help her parents and their struggling ranch, she is pretty sure she’ll be stuck forever until a handsome stranger breaks down on the edge of town and bids on her in a date auction. He might just be her ticket out of Rockwell. Lucas Hawthorne has been on the road for three years, trying to run from a past that is always right on his heels. Though he knows he can’t stay in Rockwell, there is one compelling reason not to continue on his way: Marianne. He can sense something special about her, and the helping instinct in him tells him she isn’t as happy as she seems. Lucas and Marianne are pulled together by a stronger connection than either of them have felt before, and though they are both falling fast, Lucas has a secret he can’t—won’t—share because he knows it will ruin everything. Marianne hopes he will eventually trust her with his past, because she knows it just like he does: they’re meant to be together for the rest of their lives.