"Dad, Tell Me a Story"

by Bill & Mia Belew

Diary of a Veteran Cruise Ship Presenter
Learn How the Power of Storytelling Changed One Man's Life .. His Family's too!
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No BS here. This book is a story that starts with me but ends with you. There’s a joke of sorts that goes around the cruise ship industry that might not be funny if you fall into one of the categories it refers to (you know, like being a blonde listening to a blonde joke).  The joke: There are 3 kinds of people who cruise - the newlywed, the overfed, and the nearly dead.  Heavy muffled breathing, “There’s another kind of person who cruises.”  Cruise ships want and need high quality destination and special interest speakers.  I should know. I get invited to speak on cruise ships. In exchange, I get a free cruise to travel the world, as does my wife or whomever I choose to bring along. My wife insists I bring her though I have invited other women to … Um … not. In the first 6 months of '22, I sailed around Cape Horn South America, from Miami to Italy to Israel, to Turkey to Greece and from Toronto to Chicago via the 5 Great Lakes. No kidding. This book is the story of how I got those gigs and how you can, too. I talk about creative writing and storytelling. That's my thing. What's yours? You can be a cruise ship speaker, too. Learn how today.