"Breaker Ridge Beginnings"
by Keelan Storm
Perfect doesn't last forever...
A high school romance packed with angst, drama, and all the feels. Perfect for fans of The Keatyn Chronicles, Gossip Girl, and Broken Hill High.
Available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub

Life as I’d known it torn apart? Yep. Twin sister MIA, right when I’d needed her most? Of course. Letting the biggest player on campus become my rock? Big mistake. If only I’d seen it coming. Everything before had felt perfect, but when my dad got sick, I’d been knocked off my feet by unrelenting grief. Nothing made sense. And my sister… she had her own issues, issues she didn’t want to discuss with me. Instead, she pulled away, burying herself in her boyfriend’s arms. So I’d turned to the last person I could… Tucker Pierce–my gorgeous, flirty, un-tie-downable best friend. When my world ripped apart, he’d kept me sane, helping me pick up the pieces of my life. Except now, the closer we get, the more he’s pushing me out of my comfort zone, making me question boundaries I once knew never to cross. That I couldn’t cross. Not if I didn’t want to risk losing everything. Because if there was one thing I’d learned… Perfect doesn’t last forever. *** Breaker Ridge is a mature Young Adult / New Adult series. Packed with drama, teen angst, friendship, and hot guys, this breathless romance is full of swoon-worthy moments with all the feels and unforgettable characters that will make you both cry and LOL. WARNING: This soap opera style drama series is recommended for mature readers due to cursing, sexual content, and other adult themes, so if these things offend you, steer clear. If not, dive in and fall in love with the Breaker Ridge Crew! (Previously published as Introducing Fate. Now 3x as long with added scenes and altered content.)