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"The Prodigal Son - Reunions and Realizations"

by Alice Boone

A Broken Hearts of Bridgeport Short Story
Short 1
# Erotic Romance
# Romance
# Dark

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**Enjoy this FREE BONUS SHORT to accompany the third book in my stand-alone series! This short details the explosive reunion of our star-crossed lovers after Rachel returns from boarding school -- only to find the shell of the man she abandoned years prior** I MADE YOU FEAR ME, SO WHY DO YOU STILL NEED ME? It's been six years since you last loved me, Rachel. I'm not the same man I was. My old man crushed what little happiness I had, and the cocaine took the rest. I turned into a shell, hungry for blood and walking the line between this world and the next. When my father got locked up, all I could do was run away with my tail between my fuckin' legs. So why do you still need my help? All I'm capable of is hurting you, dragging you down into my personal hell. I can't save you from Damon. I could hardly save you from myself. But then, that's never kept you away before. I've never been able to turn you down, never been capable of winning this war with you. Beg me and I'll return to the city that hates me. Swear to me that you're still mine and I'll kill the swine that's tried to take my place. But don't make me fall in love with you. I won't survive that hurt. Not again. The Prodigal Son is a stand-alone DARK romance novel in The Broken Hearts of Bridgeport series. Though, it is recommended that they're read in order. NOT recommended for anyone under 18 and packed full of dark themes. Happily ever afters, no cheating, and plenty of brooding bad boys guaranteed. If you love fierce female leads, second-chance romances, and a splash of suspense, this is the book for you!