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"Katarina: The One Goddess (Book 1)"

by Clan Whelan Publishing

An orphan. A deity. And a kiss that breaks hell loose.
Katarina - The One Goddess is the action-packed paranormal romance series of four books. If you like strong women, hot-trouble heroes, and steamy chemistry, then you’ll love this divine tale.
# Paranormal
# Romance
# Vampires
# Shifters
# Fantasy

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And it was a scorching hot kiss, too. My name is Katarina. Last week I was stuck in a dead-end life with a soul-sucking government job as my only future. I figured I’d die there. Then Kaden blitzed into my life with those golden, all-seeing eyes of his. I should have been suspicious. Instead, I was swept away in a glorious tide of Kaden’s affections. With one kiss, he ignited my world; and not just in a good way. Becoming a goddess comes with risks. With the government chasing me and a rebellion hounding me… everybody suddenly knows who I am — and I don’t like it. And that deity who started all this trouble? Well, he’s also a shifter. Three shifters, to be exact, and they’re all mine. Or I’m theirs; depends who you ask. Oh. And I have to master my magic. If I don’t figure out my new powers fast enough? I’ll die. No pressure, right?