"Demons Don't Do Decaf"

by Naomi Bellina

Lots of strange people hang out in a New York coffee shop but only one of them is a demon
A darkly funny urban fantasy
# Urban Fantasy
# Paranormal
# Humorous
# Adventure
# Demons

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Demons, which were previously human souls, recently developed a disturbing ability to leave the underworld. His mission: identify the demon and send it back. His weapon: a special dagger he’s never used before. His problem: he has no idea which human body the demon occupied, what’s going to happen when he stabs it, and how to keep everyone from witnessing what’s sure to be a chilling confrontation, even for New Yorkers. Like it or not, he’ll need assistance from the humans. Fortunately, some humans like a guy who shoots fire from his hands and don’t mind helping him, before it’s too late to complete his task. A short prequel to start the Badass Demon Bounty Hunter series