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"The Stone Warrior"

by M N Jolley

Book 1 of the Sacrosanct Records
Adelyn never asked to be a witch, but now her powers are the only thing that can save her family.
# Adventure
# Fantasy
# Western

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Adelyn never asked to be a witch. A teenage farm girl with few ambitions past the next harvest, Adelyn doesn’t have any use for magic. Her powers are fledgeling at best, and even if she had the means to learn how to harness her magic, wielding that power would only make her an outcast in her own home. But when a raiding wizard attacks her town and kidnaps her family to serve as slaves, Adelyn’s magic becomes her greatest asset, rivaled only by an ex-soldier named David who's handy with a gun. In desperate need for help, his offer to work for a nominal fee almost outweighs Adelyn’s suspicions about his past. If she accepts David’s help, surviving the lawless countryside is no small task. Coming through with enough strength to save her family is no guarantee even if he doesn’t stab her in the back first. Assuming she can make it in one piece, there’s still the wizard to account for, and Adelyn doesn’t know if she stands a chance against him. It might be the only shot she has to get her family back. She’ll have to risk her life to find out.